The Farm

Zeffers Farm Studios

Zeffers Farm Studios has 3 studios with class space equaling 2,000 sq. feet!

The farm was originally built as an Educational Center for sustainable and organic living in 1993. However, Zeffers Farm itself as an educational/business entity was started in 1987. I was a certified nursery technician through Ohio State University and was a contractor through the Dayton Metro Parks, Caesars Creek, various other parks, garden clubs, garden centers and organizations. I also worked for local nurseries and vended at farmers markets. I loved that life and it was how I wanted to raise my children, a life out in the country.

Although I had a degree in Mental Health with a minor in art, horticulture was my outlet. Then in 2000 I found metal clay and all that flipped. In 2001 I did my last speaking gig for the Ohio State Gardening Conference, packed my bags and headed to Virginia for my first but not last PMC/Metal Clay certification.

I immediately started teaching, jewelry making with metal clay making my art the focus!